Support for Gridseed 80-chip Blades

Step 1: First, review Gridseed ORBS for discussion of mining software, command line, and device identification and location. This page will focus on the few differences between Orb and Blade, and how to make the two varieties play nicely together on the same pc.

Hardware Differences

The Orb has 5-chips. The Blade has 80 chips, arranged on two independent boards with 40 chips each. The boards can be run separately, the only thing they share in common is the fan.

Software Differences

You need to make one change in the command line in your BAT file: For Orbs, it says '--set device gridseed:clock=800'. For Blades, clock=850. Change 800 to 850, that is all.
Tweek if you like, but I found that hardware errors increase when you run the GC3355 chips too fast, so why risk your hardware investment for a small increase in hash rate?

Now we have two different command lines, one for Orbs, one for Blades...
If you run your BAT for Orbs, it will connect to each and every connected gridseed, so it will be clocking the Blades too fast.

One way to handle the problem: Make sure all Blades are hooked to a separate hub, and unplug that hub until you have run your Orb BAT file, and started all your CONNECTED gridseeds, which at that moment is only Orbs.

Then, plug in the USB hub for the Blades, and run the Blades startup BAT. It cannot connect to the Orbs, because the first instance of BFG_Miner owns their COM ports, so your second instance will connect to the only available gridseeds on your system, the Blades.

This video shows the EASY WAY to start your Orbs and Blades separately, which you can even do remotely (thru remote desktop or logmein or teamviewer or whatever...).

This stuff is FUN, isnt it? ;)

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