Support for Gridseed 5-chip Orbs

Mining Software
I have found BFG to be the best mining software because it:

Displays a stationary running record for each individual device, down to chip level.
Displays device_ID for each device, which is way helpful in trying to find which device is misbehaving.
Lets you start all your Gridseed Orbs at once, without specifying them individually. Quick start!


The Command Line to start hashing with BFG_Miner
Create a BAT file (a text file with extension '.BAT' that you will run to start BFG_Miner to hashing.
Paste this one command into that BAT file, and season to taste for your own mining pool, username, and file locations on your system.

E:\bitcoin\gridseed\bfgminer-5.4.2-win64\bfgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u gardner.o -p 524288 -d gridseed -S gridseed:all --set-device gridseed:clock=850 2>b:\gslog.txt

Breakdown of the parameters of the command line:
E:\bitcoin\gridseed\bfgminer-5.4.2-win64\bfgminer.exe #When you unzipped, you put it somewhere. This parameter is that location, including the EXE filename.
--scrypt #means not sha256, like bitcoin, but rather scrypt, like litecoin.
-o stratum+tcp:// #the URL of the mining pool. The ':3333' port will be suggested by the mining pool, according to what kind of hardware you are mining with, or which coin you want to mine.
-u gardner.o #your username on the pool, like 'gardner', then a dot, then the name of one of your miners on the pool like '.o' for orbs, or whatever.
-p 524288 #your password on the pool. The password usually doesnt matter, but this pool sent email saying 'Please set your worker password to a fixed difficulty level of 524288.'
-d gridseed #Maybe the 'd' means device? Set it precisely to 'gridseed', that's a switch that BFG_miner is looking for, to know which special case things to do specifically for your Orb.
-S gridseed:all #The -S setting will sometimes list specific COM ports. The 'gridseed:all' parameter tells it to start each and every gridseed device it sees, without specifying the COM port. See Mixing Gridseed Blades with Orbs
--set-device gridseed:clock=850 #Sets your Orb to the recommended default clock rate. Some people modify orbs and run them at higher clocks. Not me, I try to change my oil regularly and take it easy around turns, right? Make my car last me the rest of my life....
2>b:\gslog.txt #Sends all the results from BFG_Miner screen to a log file that gets started fresh with each execution of this command line. '2>' is the command, and 'b:\gslog.txt' is the path_filename.

Here are some sample rows from that log file:

[2017-10-30 12:48:49] Found GSD 0a at \.\COM147
[2017-10-30 12:48:49] Found GSD 2a at \.\COM140
[2017-10-30 12:48:49] Found GSD 3a at \.\COM146
[2017-10-30 12:48:49] Found GSD 4a at \.\COM119
[2017-10-30 12:48:49] Found GSD11a at \.\COM142
[2017-10-30 12:48:49] Found GSD10a at \.\COM185
[2017-10-30 12:48:49] Found GSD14a at \.\COM144
[2017-10-30 12:48:49] Found GSD 8a at \.\COM38
[2017-10-30 12:48:49] Found GSD 6a at \.\COM131
[2017-10-30 12:48:49] Found GSD 1a at \.\COM141
[2017-10-30 12:48:49] Found GSD 9a at \.\COM128
[2017-10-30 12:48:49] Found GSD 5a at \.\COM129
[2017-10-30 12:48:49] Found GSD 7a at \.\COM130
[2017-10-30 12:48:49] Found GSD13a at \.\COM188

This info from the log file can help you Identify and Locate any specific Orb in your farm.

Identifying Your Orbs
Each time you start BFG_Miner, it starts your Orbs in a random order. 'GSD01' on the BFG list is not necessarily the same device it was last time. UsbTreeView is a utility from Uwe Sieber that lets you:

Locate your Orb in a Tree View of all USB devices connected to your system.
Read the Device_ID of your Orb.
See which Hub, which USB port, and which COM port, that Orb is connected to..

If you put a 'nickname' sticker, like 'B17' on each Orb, each Hub, and each Cable, UsbTreeView will lead you directly to any Orb you see on the BFG_Miner list.

Download UsbTreeView

You may get this warning when you download the utility...I have used UsbTreeView, and had the zip on my system, for years, without a problem. Suit yourself, you can mine without it, or download it elsewhere.

If you are brave like me, click the up-caret, and click KEEP...

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